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Keepzit Kooler Can & Bottle Cooler  Keep your drinks cold with the Keepzit Kooler Can & Bottle Cooler. It provides the perfect combo: better insulation for lasting chill PLUS greater comfort & stability. The Secret? TWO Insulating Layers! Designed to fit 12oz & 16oz cans & bottles, this extra-strong yet amazingly light cooler has a thick inner foam liner that LOCKS IN THE CHILL, so drinks stay colder longer. Wider no-tip bottom base, with a vacuum-breaking opening allows you to pop your can or bottle out instantly 

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Keep Your Drinks Cold in the Summer

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When you're outside grilling, you want your drinks to stay cold, even when the sun is beating down on them. The Keepzit Kooler Can and Beer Cooler will do the trick. They have not one, but two foam insulating layers that lock in the chill so that your drinks stay cooler longer. The hard outer shell is made of ABS plastic that's strong but light. The no-tip bottom base keeps your drinks stable, and the vacuum-breaking opening allows you to pop your can or bottle out instantly. It resists sweating so you won't have to worry about finding a coaster to set it on to avoid stains. The Koolers are designed to fit 12 and 16 ounce cans and bottles. And you can get them with fun designs, including a few to show your American pride.

Mossy Oak’s Top Products for Summer

 While waiting for hunting season and trying to beat the heat, we’ve assembled this list of useful products that can be put to use this summer.
June 14, 2017
Mossy Oak Top Products for Summer

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