Triple Eagles Can/Bottle Cooler
Triple Eagles Can/Bottle Cooler
Triple Eagles Can/Bottle Cooler
Triple Eagles Proud to Be American Huggie
Removable Thick Insulation only by Keepzit Kooler
Keeping It Cool Triple Eagles Proud To Be American Style

Triple Eagles Can/Bottle Cooler

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Made of ABS plastic, our lightweight beverage holder weighs just 3.3 oz., two-thirds less than stainless steel. Yet it fits cans & bottles up to 16 oz. & keeps drinks colder longer.
  • 2 INSULATING LAYERS: Inside your Keepzit Kooler's shell you'll find a thick foam liner designed for EXTRA CHILL. Cleanup time? Just slide out the liner & pop the shell in the dishwasher (top rack).
  • STURDIER THAN FOAM ALONE: Forget those flimsy neoprene coozies. With its hard outer shell & wider base, Keepzit Kooler provides more stability, so your drink won't tip over & spill.
  • NO MORE RINGS: Go ahead. Set your drink on ANY surface, even on a nice wood tabletop. Keepzit Kooler resists "sweating" & condensation, so it won't leave unsightly stains. No coaster needed!
  • PHOTO-QUALITY GRAPHICS: Why settle for plain & boring? This better can-&-bottle hugger boasts a brilliant 360-degree print in fade-resistant full color. No ordinary coozie can compare!


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